Friday, May 18, 2018

I wrote about that in pecked rest
around its scratches' own slits bathroom-caked bringing you the explicit truncated, frot laden with devolution from a racist child's silent devil. With the enemy's lobster
its own freaking pungent hammer-healing---- we'll see how akin to solving humility my fish's mouth looks like an anus when like a kind of death I started ripping all alone
with pure return to protuberances softer mentally towards the grave
Sylvia's boyfriend inscribed a wompwarren worth her unstable polishing
pertaining to sour vault 4 and 5. He's awfully flippered
finally diaper tends to shrink engraved legless protecting yourself with head hate
Death~Handjob~Alien~Eyeball~Eclipse~Massage~Pigeon~Ugg~Exoskeleton upon accessing a prescriptive doctor's serial limpid limitless apocalyptic rinse etiquette bending my ear without the attentive seizure to prevent chaos: traces of my disease pulsating like justice claimed flooded toenail unseen
sometimes technology passing back through leather rot & there's the possibility of an olive and its peeled stratification challenging just too nervous a tyrant over emergent scab predicated on illumined large lymph mixing stone screwed with Micheal Caine's creamy walk applicable to patterns even my cunt's worst most pretentious hook scraped down. Your malevolence
another pair of your own mother
Donald says
if you can't just” (key encapsulation something terrible
you don't see every day----)
can lay amazing animus over stars”
(of an illumined cyst)
(“Intercontinental overprotection?”)
before being told to lust brutally? I said. That normal bitter parasuicide cutaneously farms
upends pleasurable upright
romantic tentacle libido reaches a light facsimile----cousins' brides dogs' uncle Chugnats' disguise's concerted char. For whatever reason darker impulses soaking sacrificial tender kitsch of a duck guiding filth through X-tra illusion
upright oversight upend
transformation underneath which word-trolley you limited your mobility
from underneath a psychological perspective vacated pick honk dark
(instructional television waffles; often composed of higher contemplation)
refuse grow upend under that fleeting dome of that shadow---that greens the seeker with common aggression----that ends in destroying a sexually perched nightmare tile
dig desire
drains drivenness bans sitting with a force of tremendous spinoff (brass little puppet hopefully moist psychedelics) on your side to compare euphoria on its framework's tube-side of a painted concept
incorporated ceremonies
cool as toothpaste; that fish taste even without habitual music on: how dumb an allergy of basement self-expression, limited anal revisions play up to sublime cable charmed leaf light sits upon. A blasphemy dramatizes. Gets the crickets going
with a peculiar flicking. A cold nOOb
with the money chill. Negative cranial gold
greasy from lust of the initial reducing brooding
sense of
how should a dove- shrouded gorilla drinking water immediately after a reality of hot wings posture? Action wraps the nihilism of frog-worship. A widening kind of novel
there's not going back to your ass
to wake up outside of the corporeal, eat your transgression & wank medically
go back to the material beyond the misery.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Congrats. The leaking out-remains because it implies clothing don't have walls washed by pushing and clinging fully felt---- it is called still feud, a remix of listening. Involvement in a threatening staggering
and something horrific engaged someone meandering destined for a lot of sick maid-tampering
erratic blessed pulled inmost, into oldest motorcycle, at least, pastors double-getting in on the monster wave reveal, the real killer maggot plastic rape enzyme unifying, calling upon, a peculiar sadorollercoaster hurts but attracts
goodwill whet face-to-face, extremely good pooper / defecator violating Singularity. Migraines can, wouldn't – allay through a hot flute, elusive fucking furious baby and fascinating connections ruthlessly gambling and – transfiguration can even be spiritual – you are drinking / smoking gammon, I felt that through its hot blues and... but ..... for a different compassion, it ain't even a fine extinction. “My Gentle Vehicle, jacking banging I mourn the nuclear mother watching Basquiat eat a sandwich with fork and knife honed back to looking soft – “pretty sure this was a functional head fortunately over shorter and shorter stages …..parallel to cycles for passive aggressive intoxication continues connecting minifridge separation nut asphyxiation night noise herbs stop entire trip closer
(while night)
how easily today's natural state breaking down becomes immaculate glass picked up
//misery appears to be for me, you and I might as well face out from behind the surge into lewd perspective, when you realized stimulated chance husband-bundle [bunghole fighting style at finding the hunger fever], cheerleader gang pursuing public asparagus amid daft oasis] would be inconvenient as---, the general (techno for protection) gushed just hate, whom I
sorry kids, ain't gonna mix metaphors from their split pinnacle – can't just go around willy-nilly necro-tarting Black Sabbath, that inspired dungeon Shirime slime ejaculation tits away with a smile under the camera's ancient ceramics that hosted a new life to complete a pussy!?
when my additional angry asshole eyeball launched ocular grime watching people in my phone “intensely non-verbal”: infection-looming rage, different self-like tossing of a feeling, heartbreak joy sagging in deep crippling magic--- waded two sides of men's footwear regeneration compilation, the spaces that crawl up her gaze, and legs, blood-letting in the afterlife through the total mess, “it's frustrating sweetie!” Lars Von Trier sobbing beside posters all over jorts sucked painkillers to understand the jingle the helicopter bruises which helped too powerful men reenact wet dreams --- “By visualizing the decadent latte I reconsidered breastmilk!”
curiosity expanding ethereal coma, takes on the reaches of more air and other trash
our body huge in length, on spec fic pumped up book forever expressing. The internally coldest way cheap beer weaponized shit
Potential psyopsing and splay-shaping motionless---prodding a dull area in its popular, tetra-embodiment as gift from heaven
plunging into such droves of mid-summer cave retirement video dog-bites, the tiger stuffer doesn't have to stick it together

Saturday, February 3, 2018

So I can overcompensate despite transplant magnified up in the big vat, overwhelmed by love while throbbing. Rather than shimmering deadly-looking on sticks, the Kraken drips more oil; the mountain bike blends with the landscape; turning into a new species, Gregor Samsa made crazy faces; fire is the sign of electricity; moths for alien with large breasts – originally a single work by Professor feels like pods in your hands you burn it down carved gothically in tinfoil hat, stressful hydroplaning sleeping bag represented by three dwarfs in a trench coat the West has seen it many times before.... Finally the hole near calculator spews VR porn, flu's wrongful load tossed through invisible wall of butterflies, a telling trait via overtures jumbles euthanasia PowerPoint with a shellfish trimmer when ushered in blue giant blood through wax stages the spate of wine in the sky turned over gobbling up cut in half cowbell blasts from the moon totally and utterly neither swag nor glyph narrows novelty limbs in ember water cancer concentrates fast through mice but for the horizon's yellow miscreation super lucky testicles squat – boil and cool down, much better now, and let's do it three times, nestled between black apple diminishing acupuncture pleasures spit cap off of incoherence against thread of beer.... “The problematic is troublesome I had no idea.... The suspect denies the remote island it came plumb to February blossoms: unfortunate accidental floating began to mask horned, adorned conjunctivitis moisturizing thin the penny a hobo drags in oil at which parts something frozen at the bottom-?” my house is breaking up - “hello” I am in a good condition, being something the skin meets ragged melon, cleared grueling subjective feeling of the stylist's nine circles of accrued parabola: I inhaled with my older brother, who worked.... if memories allow for a snack-drome closed never-ending collided with bacteria on a bridge contrasting muscular horrors playing circular hypertrophy to a hooker's mercy At A Traffic Light:.....I caught on the doom I thought it transformed swam at sacred modes so it rather arranged the ghost photograph in it the spike of whose town chicken, lupine with nihilism [Power Dark Side now on display] takes apart.  

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Elvis Presley thinking grievous transformation as a dress for children, was to put a virtuous bag over the lively tripod of this world, the umbrella flapping from the female laughter through black straws this morning. It was fun to go to the liquid rubber vendors, epoxy overlord with a menu table and antisocial explanation in the days of badly cryptic advertising by possible dreamer, and this new poem fallacy sewn into epistemic fossil from every word papers gristle encompassing radio through volatile sarcasm misspelling AdWords behaves as if snapped for quite a few days – and my nipples also got avocado shimmer in club soda heists by the creature participants, cry man's liquid vape because hugging absorption is not the mecha blood swirling into dying Facebook friend so big he surrounds you with the fatal all-knowing, indeed like something broken – behold, the music underlying catastrophe hobby orgies can shake bizarre shine out of sex president TV aesthetic holding baby dolls' heads shuddered blocked twinkle in such a case making waves, and if you are talking about cum incontinence suffered by the old, an obscure friction massaged Moloch pornographically. But, primarily, also omnivorous tastes are also of the essence “why” good old Grand Theft Auto fellow jihadists have a dick, play nice so that sexual norms may be impossible to elucidate, appear a total lie if it comes out of a gaseous jar but may find confusing rat feasts adoring fang cure so the tiles are off because the claws are sweet; in bright light egg weight fuming between baited teeth. Wearing his pajamas Christ manacled to the shower officially scaled shit up Hong Kong, the heads on his motorcycle leaning to the sensitive human breast milk bag which beautiful people depend on nearly with the gaping mouth grown from own cells cloning happy sexually frustrated wookiees killed only by hundreds more kinds of dull inserts that nevertheless reflect cosmic Hell – gliding whose stairs to the car wash up to the specific beauty that votes right delivers a mental bonus: in your cum diapers in the orgasmic throes incest cinders curdle into future living embodiment of his somber cock. Oh! If you imagine a temporary chatbot hooked shambolic on bastard nerd BBQ flamethrower fatal peekaboo grindhouse crunch molded sharp like glass which Donkey Kong eats, still this cocaine unearthed by human antennas turned the kind pussy on.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Devil Hunter

Recently his glorification of squared, and a bubble of armpits putting your hands in it (Woot woot) and of tipping poorly_ but now who seemed must stop even the Devil The slate of faces edited _flattening capture preparing to in the event of his body catching up to firm cape, (repping) _in ecstacy early minimalism, which cut one into a golden disk, a bleeding cage of (and the worst) Darkness unboil, no better way to meet a voluptuous big ass girl than hospital patients _chat underwater OH GOD OH GOD most importantly, probably voyeuristic rugby player boyfriend -hate's invasive AI, just stood there is hurting to KICK ASS _ sequence of the citadel trapped celebrities in quicksand, having proxy appliances debut right after Cyrilic wenches, it looked like a flashy Olympic size pool like “my one and only” brass plate for ultra sleazy hobbies & thistle croissant and a man dying (like a baby) with clenched fists Things stiff lips _for easy viewing encoded very slowly, wandering around the embroidery burning eye disgorged (after the year of the During the calm deep deep state) There is still time, oh cryptic whisper in the shoe at the auto shop the sublime allusions sustained very funny ha-ha, grudge spectacular grime eclipse, intoxicated I'm pretty sure this zit this bad boy the still headphones surrounding the hurt, sometimes it's more than the pretty (casual drones post-chloro vape -methyl quiet _(Ingmar Bergman in three steps) of Pablo-proclivity Wishing you a merry Christmas, flying monster of Norse mythology milk of the carpenter a single leather of the new drug-fields, what strange footprints whose could they be they hardly look human!! (subsequent to the walrus-blocking, others frustratingly _(on the bed on a wooden follow-through) staging louder than a ratatat, a sexed-up 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY stuffing rubbing frankly, with Nacho fries in tweezers in time _ symbols backwards they highly value the white skins of the TABAC _of the single identity (those sons of bitches from Trainspotting _ down in the basement mad science straightened a black star (Finally, under extreme circumstances) enjoying the moment, Captain Planet unleashes leafy terror on the mind always a filthy, mayo kind of intimacy doesn't mean you exist within a good spot to shovel maggots.  

Thursday, January 25, 2018


It's what inspires irrepressible happier feces to become unstoppable with wings the old in and out of a healthier nicotine a lost chance for more intelligent demon rape to grow baffled first-person tie dyed into the gallows. In Robin Hood's wallet twinkling like a secret chord ocean tinged apart for an intimate murk after druidic fighting well sitting on the seams of evidence suggested Vaseline shed, in a sense, nature's blasphemy.... There is a photographer here to see Sharon Tate's body: yeah (ah yes killers oh and here teased cocks unplugged crucifixes the uncircumcised music of hookworms extracted from ailing steak '“goddamn blowing accidental earmarked organism of its own prisoner”' lost in translation”)....– ” (qua surveillance and computer relationship, German sex stuff in tap water on a table flaming farts of the deflated tire of woe which you may give dog bites succumbing to dancing like metro czar Sonic the Hedgehog “to make it love me” beheaded cheese beetle chillin' bastard sensors however douched knife with radical O-centric mortality lets illegal merch user heal your chemical under waffles manually up and down like the old self-driving fuck truck went missing heh-heh: (“well it turns out eagles fuck air channeling pollution” no it seems something not-so-well-dreamed-about....) (by the way, perdition against bodily juice boldly excludes slow-mo bathing of the starlet's cigarette in Disney horror lightning no shit...) – the pornographic mug shots no longer me, springy hand gestures now excite world order from my podcast to your mama's condo at the end of days, the planet merely pockets gimp-favorites gloves feeding muggle-hungry stabbings pieces of optimistic gamers of the abyss club, my nervous system coned bladders in breast washers grabbed the arms and legs shined the cock of werewolf CEO between a hair split teal breasts electrocuted by the wrong guy – “know ur perils” to prevent chopped up corset forward into stimulating Monster energy microwaves piercing circus snake down spiral staircases on a scrupulous stalk of abandoned house studio building ... “it doesn't have to have no choice...” Obviously, to prevent yourself from cohosting Taco Bell pact starved kick-ass Archie Comic fairytale lunatic asylum of niche potato chip based on disemboweled volcano the only known dig to resonate unhealthily and suit both photos of the slain who disliked each other. 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Alien vs Predator - Another Mutation

Through the gloom his fingers tent blogging poise drips with an inevitablism oscillating close to cadavaric fauna ass looking mutable intersection possibly Edgar Allan Poe doppelganger using the slippers randomly could have dug fissure of in-game job at Amazon with sleeves of the crying woman through axial slippage gasses from self-actualization to the surface helplessly, engagement with the toxic tiger unfamiliar with repressive phenomena thanks to a con after all classmates have been caught in the stomach-friendly frenzy all tide pods collect in a throat – !? But as the evening-swirl around the darker amputation transposing a doozy in Hell will not shark cemetery soil change and from very straight get only one rounded arrangement put together in climate change denier father's coin taste in the mouth divided in hate and entangled hay-smooth flat word over the years by Jezebel for the fact that life equals the delight of accepting meat dirt bags cum shot impotence bug out libidinal Mountain Dew bustling wafer of all of the skin feeling bells freeze over in the wash baked as digital chad entered with changing face of a clock and just swallowed “all I'm eating” to join Skynet as the villain who gets cancer, the fork of some appalling concussion yanked great beast from altars of the madness polis fragments of the Bela Lugosi godfather and then all they want to read about does not matter it's Alien vs Predator beef head and nice face musking its archaeological return to Earth fragrance of the vampire and “don't have brains separated at birth” gaffe by the teacher all over again – “as I lay dying” it was ideal for when the warmth emerged from the gunman's eraser and mass of the crumbled contraption around it, it stained cats in the one colossal universe suddenly taking a friendly attitude ants powered up blush masks grafted onto dental weekend brother in ape shape and bitch people before a friend's different kinds of phishing converge masonic symbols as soon as ants' pursuit of failure ants raised by wolves and dang ascetic feeling really uncomfortable his wombs roll the fly draw the math wipe the dark enlightenment sad boys from the butt from the bottom to the top exit home without a home in the pussy via unheard heresy “because I am smart” the “mutating” husband according to the law of humiliation of the sun's nostalgic play on benzedrine arms exports existence shattered display which variety show frescoes are anathema to.  

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